Southern Oaks Farms
Contact: Karen & Randy Melvin
Address: 2888 Hwy 11 Trussville, AL, 35173
Email Address:
Phone: 205-901-7037
About Us
We are a husband and wife team that have worked together for about 33 years now. We work on our garden together with Randy's brother and our nephew that is out of school for the summer. We retired several years ago and have always enjoyed a garden so we decided to plant a BIG garden. We are not totally organic yet but we are transitioning over and hope to be certified in a few years.
We have several businesses that we sell at during employees lunch breaks. We also have people stop by and buy straight from the field. We are now selling to restaurants in the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa area.

We buy seeds from our local Co-op and some from Rupp Seeds. I am buying organic seeds from Seeds of Change. We buy plants from Haynes Plant Farm in Cullman