Sweet Gum Farm
Contact: Daniel & Laurie Daley
Address: 1828 County Rd. 753 Clanton, AL, 35045
Email Address:
Phone: 205-312-9525
About Us
Sweet Gum Farm, LLC is a small, family farm that began in 2015 with bees and has blossomed from there from an interest in providing alternatives to factory-raised, store-bought foods. We use regenerative, sustainable, organic agricultural practices. We raise our animals with their welfare in mind so that customers can buy from us knowing that they are supporting a high-quality way of life for animals locally, reducing their carbon footprint as well as ensuring that these animals have much better lives than their commercial counterparts. Plus we also felt like there had to be a better breed of chicken for people to eat than the Cornish X, which tends to have health problems, so we researched and only raise Freedom Rangers(TM). The extra growing time required for these birds while they are foraging (getting exercise) is rewarded with more texture in the meat.